1. I collect records. Lots of records.

2. My family on my husband's side is French. Like, live-in-France-and-play-accordian French.

3. I teach hip-hop dance once a week. Truth: Anyone can do it if they put their back into it.

4. I believe that if you haven't eaten a lumberjack meal at Paul Bunyan's then you really haven't lived.

5. Street art inspires me, always.

6. I worked at Wendy's for 7 hours in high school. It wasn't fun, but the name tag keepsake sure is.

7. I'm a proud mom of twins. (No, they're not identical.)

8. The '80s is my jam. You can take A-ha out of the radio, but you can't take A-ha out of the girl.

9. Eye shadow palettes make my heart skip a beat. 

10. I'll try anything once. Even riding an electric crocodile.